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Our Values

Integrity | Honesty | Transparency

We are an open book.
You will have access to the full cycle of the services from collection, destruction and recycling.
Knowing how, when and where your information is at all times, any time.
We are here to protect your company

Environmental and Social Responsibility

We love our planet and the people in it!
That’s why with every shred of paper and e-waste produced during the destruction process we will be recycle using accredited recycling companies.

We work closely with JOCOD (Johannesburg Council for the Disabled), giving opportunities for the disabled to get work and training, improving their quality of life.

Innovative, Adaptable and Diverse

We are not reinventing the wheel. We have decided to use technology, to facilitate and make our processes more efficient and effective.

Our resources are encouraged to think out of the Box ,to complete their daily tasks ,in the least amount of time

Our Priorities

We hold education at the forefront of our daily activities. We do this because:

  • The relevant regulators are strictly implementing various acts of legislation that make our services necessary. We have done our research and we find that our customers, even given their access to internal processes do not know what and how the regulators are ensuring compliance. Frankly, we agree with our customers that the processes are not made clear to them and even if they have resolved the issues around compliance, the processes are onerous, to say the least. So – our first priority is to educate our customers as to these expectations of the legislators.
  • Given the fact that the administration of the compliance to these legislation is onerous, we believe that educating our customers around our products and services, as a total solution, will limit their financial commitments and the moral hazard that they face from day to day.

The environment that we are referring to is both the ecological and economic environments.

  • The physical environment risks are centered around the effects of
    • De-forestation as a raw material in the manufacture of paper – our solution is to recycle all the paper we find;
    • greenhouse gases that are emitted during the manufacturing process of paper, electronic equipment and plastic products and further the damage caused by the burning of fossil fuels used in supplying the energy to fabricate these products. We plan to find a solution to recycle this as well.
  • Toxification is a real risk in the environment, especially where the breakdown of paper, electronics equipment and plastic products in landfills and incinerators release harmful toxic chemicals into the environment. Some of the chemicals are cyanide, dioxins, phthalates, vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, lead, cadmium and many others.
    • The financial drawbacks arise from;
    •  The penalties arising from legislation, that can be severe and;
    •  The increase costs of municipal rates and taxes as well as the increase in energy costs

The communities that we operate in, and the markets that we service.

The community will react negatively to irresponsible entities that have little or no regard to the environment by de-valuing the customers brand, chasing away customers and restricting growth in new business, however;

a responsible, proactive entity will be rewarded by an appreciation in the value of their brand, positively affect marketing efforts and spend and increasing sales and retention.

Our research has found that most suppliers that attempt to deal with the challenges faced in Records Risk Management only supply shredding machines. The small volume machines can be found at any any large retail store and the large volume ones can be supplied by global distributors. We have gone much further and offered a range of dedicated and comprehensive product mix with the emphasis on service as much as we will be providing the machines, whether purchased or rented. Some of the services we are offering that sets us above the expectations of the industry include in addition to the supply of machines;

  • Delivery of Machines to Clients (Purchased or Rented)
  • Installation of Machines
  • Servicing and Repairs to Machines
  • The Entire Shredding Service On-site at the customers location
  • The Provision of Bins (purchased or rented) to contain shredded recyclable waste or un-shredded waste that still needs to be converted into shredded recyclable waste
  • The Collection and Transport of shredded recyclable waste material to recycling companies as raw materials used in the manufacture of various products, that will not end up in a land-fill or incineration plant or any other such place.

The reason for this priority and the position that it holds on our list is because it underpins every other priority. It does this through a culture that focuses on the most efficient and optimistic approach to all our other priorities and our business model, thereby encouraging the pressure and re-in forcing the internal commitment to our model. This includes

  • The regular review of our processes
  • The continuous development of our human capital,
  • The daily management of our strategy and
  • The minute by minute guaranteed executive awareness of our Vision, Mission and most importantly, our Values.

How we your business

Your company handles a lot of sensitive information both on paper and digital media.

  • Financial reports
  • Employee records
  • Confidential information

If this information fell into the wrong hands it could cause serious implications from identity theft, company espionage and fraud.

MasterShred SA is dedicated to your business and its information safety,  you will be with us every step of the way, being able to track every step of your information from collection to destruction

We offers services suited for SME and Large corporate, designed to protect your  information as well as assisting in your companies privacy policies and social development.

You’ll save time and money while gaining total confidence your information is handled with care and security.

Together we will protect what matters, your company and the environment.

How its done

Easy as 123

Click on the “FIND OUT MORE” button or call us on 011 – 027 – 8001

We get in touch and organize the perfect time for you and your business, and make the world a better place!

We then perform the requested services, making sure your information will never sees the light of day again

And we all done, providing you with a certificate of destruction, making you smile for helping the environment, and peace of mind that your information has been terminated.

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